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In an AFTER trigger, the WHEN condition is evaluated just after the row update occurs, and it determines whether an event is queued to fire For instance an INSERT with an ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE clause may cause both insert and update operations, so it will fire both kinds of triggers as...

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Triggers are one of the best parts of Postgres. We built a large ETL and machine learning operation in PG through triggers, from simple algorithms calculating rate of change for updated datasets, to identifying trends and connecting seemingly unrelated data. Even at our scale [0][1] the performance tradeoff is absolutely worth it. CREATE TEMP TEMPORARY TRIGGER IF NOT EXISTS schema-name . trigger-name BEFORE AFTER INSTEAD OF DELETE INSERT UPDATE OF column-name , ON table-name FOR EACH ROW WHEN expr BEGIN update-stmt ; END insert-stmt delete-stmt select-stmt.

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CREATE TRIGGER update_amount AFTER INSERT OR UPDATE OR DELETE ON products_acts FOR EACH ROW EXECUTE PROCEDURE update_products_amount()Triggers allow us to define functions to be executed whenever a certain type of operation is performed. In this case, we will need to make sure that before any UPDATE operation, PostgreSQL runs a function that automatically sets an updated_at value. Step 1: Create the function.Oct 03, 2018 · Trigger implementation. Once we have our function defined, it’s time to create a corresponding trigger. We will call it accounts_changed, execute it after INSERT or UPDATE on accounts table, and for each row changed, it will call notify_account_changes procedure: Support for Postgres everywhere. PostgreSQL Technical Support. In PostgreSQL, if you want to take action on specific database events, such as INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, or The trigger will be associated with the specified table, view, or foreign table and will execute the specified function when...

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PostgreSQL Create Trigger. In this section, we are going to understand the working of the Trigger function, the creation of trigger function, PostgreSQL Create Trigger, and the examples of the Create Trigger command. What is the Trigger function? A trigger function is parallel to the consistent user-defined function.